Classic games -Page 2

NeonTris Tetris game Neon Style. Complete horizontal lines to earn points. Use the arrow keys to move the blo...
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Gold Miner Try to grab all the gold and treasures as fast as possible. Click to release the grabber.
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Classic Frog Help the frog to cross the busy road and river.
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Halma The classic Board game Halma against a computer opponent. Move your pieces to the other side before...
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Classic Pac Classic Pacman: eat all the yellow dots and avoid the ghosts.
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MineSweeper Determine where the mines are before your opponent does. Click 1x to show surrounding mines and clic...
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Crack the code A mastermind game against a computer opponent. Can you crack the code?
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Tennis Play a game of Tennis against a strong opponent, can you win?
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Fruit Collector Collect the fruit in the right basket. Control the game by clicking/tapping on the pivot points.
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Battleships Classic Battleship board game. Place your five ships on the grid and try to sink the ships of your o...
0 0  56  2020-07-30
Extreme Vexed Your goal is to move similar blocks together to remove those blocks. Remove all blocks to advance to...
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Cookie Monster Cookie Monster as Pacman. Eat all the pink dots and avoid the ghosts.
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Reversi The Classic Othello board game. Players take turns placing disks on the board with their assigned co...
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Gomoku Connect exactly 5 of the same stones in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally).
0 0  55  2020-07-30
Dots and Boxes Classic pencil and paper game. Add a single line (vertical or horizontal) between 2 dots. If you com...
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Draughts Classic board game Draughts (international draughts on a 10x10 board), defeat your opponent by captu...
0 0  57  2020-07-30
Checkers Classic board game, defeat your opponent by capturing his piece and try to promote your piece to a K...
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5Dice The classic Dice game. Throw the dice and enter your score.
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Pente A connect 5 board game. The players alternate in placing stones of their color. The players aim to a...
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Go The classic board game Go. The objective is to surround a larger total area of the board with your s...
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